13 Reasons Why You Should Buy SochCup

Period products are aplenty in the market, but here we tell you why SochCup is the best for you!

  • SochCup is a reusable period product: Period products are often meant for one-time use and this is not ideal for the environment. With SochCup, there are no worries about causing harm to the environment as it’s a reusable period product.
  • A single SochCup can be used for at least 5-6 years: Being a reusable product, a single SochCup can be used for years to come. With proper sanitization and caring for the products, one SochCup can replace all sanitary products for the next several years
  • SochCup does not create any garbage: Since SochCup is a multiple-use product, its use does not contribute to any non-biodegradable garbage.
  • SochCup is made of medical-grade biocompatible silicone: SochCup is made of the best quality silicone that is available in the market for the price at which it is available.



  • It costs only INR. 899: The price point of our cup is one of its most alluring qualities. For a menstrual cup that is made of such high-quality silicone, its price is a sweet deal!
  • Soch cup is comfortable to use and can be worn 8-12 hours at a stretch: Since the menstrual cup is an internal period product, one does not even feel the cup inside them. It can be worn for a long period of time without needing for it to be changed
  • Soch cup does not alter the internal vaginal environment: Since the cup is not an absorbent period product and only collects the period blood, it does not alter the vaginal flora and retains the pH balance.
  • It comes in three sizes- Small, Large and XL: For teens and women who haven’t given birth, Size small is a great option. For women who are over 30 or for women who have given birth, L or XL is ideal.


  • SochCup comes with a stem: The fact that the cup comes with a stem makes it easy for those who are unsure about where their cervix is. If their cervix is high, they can let the long stem be. If their cervix is low, they can cut the stem according to their requirement.
  • You can wear the cup while swimming, horse-riding, and doing other physical activities: The ultimate convenience soch cup offers is the possibility of being able to do an array of physical activities easily, without the worries of leakage.

  • Soch cup is safety verified by the Safety Research Monitor Foundation: SochCup has been awarded a 10 on 10 by the Safety Research Monitor Foundation, India, an organization that awards safety rankings to customer products.

  • Facebook and Instagram Page: SochGreen has an active Facebook and Instagram page where women can ask any questions regarding cups.
  • Round-the-clock Customer Service: SochGreen has always provided able, on-time, and consistent support to its customers. Trust us, it’s one of the BEST reasons to choose SochCup!

Buy your SochCup today on www.sochgreen.com and Have a happy period!

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