Ayurvedic Practices for a Better Period 

home remedies for periods

For a smoother monthly cycle, you can rely on the wonders of Ayurvedic science, an ancient practice that modern medicine is now waking up to and taking seriously. Ayurveda sits on the belief that Mother Nature knows best, using the knowledge of plant science on how to nurture, heal and prevent. A woman’s monthly cycle is a necessary indication of good health, while the body goes through many hormonal changes. Cramping, bloating and restlessness are symptoms  that women are all too familiar with. A few magical ingredients from the earth, makes it possible to offer comfort and ease during your period.

home remedies for periods



Nature’s antiseptic agent – turmeric, was used in the good old days to heal serious burn wounds. The potent power of turmeric makes it an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. As the body produces heat during menstrual cycles, it can lead to poor indigestion and cause your mood to be irritable. Turmeric helps as a soothing agent, by lining the digestive tract and helping with spasms.

One can opt to have warm water with turmeric as soon as you wake up, or throughout the day.



The herb is derived from roots of the Indian winter cherry or more commonly known as Ashwagandha. Carrying a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, iron and copper – this is the perfect plant for overall women’s health. The dosage of ashwagandha should be taken after consulting a professional Ayurvedic doctor due to its powerful properties. It is often recommended for various menstrual ailments like polycystic ovaries, irregular bleeding, spotting and  hormonal issues.



When it comes to iron, magnesium and vitamin K, look no further than spinach. Vitamin K is responsible for helping your muscles relax during cramps, and is found in abundance with spinach. As your body undergoes menstruation, it is important to keep your iron levels up to avoid a deficiency. Enjoy cooked spinach and add it to your meals, be it spinach daal or palak paneer. For a power smoothie, blend raw spinach and avocados that is sure to give you a nutritious kick.

Sesame Seeds


The abundance in nutrients, vitamins and proteins makes sesame seeds a healing superfood. Sesame seeds have psychological and physical benefits aiding mood swings, weight problems, hormonal imbalances and anaemia. A generous sprinkling of sesame seeds or fragrant roasted seed powder on salads, or a teaspoon with warm water is a perfect way to include sesame seeds in your daily diet.

Ginger and Ajwain

green tea for period cramps, menstrual cramps, period pain

Ginger’s wonderful healing properties is ideal for those who suffer excessive bleeding and cramps. Pair ginger with ajwain known for its fibre, minerals and purifying nutrients, this helps for the overall menstrual cycle. Add ginger and ajwain to a jug of drinking water and leave to soak overnight. You can now enjoy flavoured water throughout the day and give your body the nurturing it deserves. In cold or rainy weather treat yourself to ajwain tea , boil 1/4 teaspoon of ajwain in a cup till the colour changes to golden brown. Add jaggery for an extra taste of sweetness.

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