Aunt Flow Answers: Traveling With a SochGreen Menstrual Cup

From flight journeys to train rides, from trips to the office to grocery shopping, every activity during our menstrual period becomes extra hard. We plan every outing according to our periods, especially on our heaviest days. And then we add a SochGreen menstrual cup to this equation and wonder what happens.

SochGreen menstrual cups are made of biocompatible medical-grade silicone and are available in 2 sizes. Manufactured in France as the Si-Bell cup, its Indian version is available in 2 colours – clear and rouge. If you need help in picking the right size, take our quiz here. 

FAQs – Travelling with a SochGreen Cup

Q: My period hasn’t started yet. But I need to get to the office in some time. Can I wear my SochGreen cup in anticipation? Is it safe to wear a cup when my period hasn’t yet begun?

A: Absolutely. The SochGreen cup is absolutely safe to use even when you are not menstruating. In fact, some women even use it for cervical discharge. You can wear your menstrual cup when your period hasn’t yet begun. Better be safe than sorry! We don’t want you stuck in a situation where you just got your period and there is no bathroom nearby for you to wear your SochGreen cup. Also, it’s completely safe. Just make sure you empty it once every 8 hours at least, whether or not you get your period.

Q: Great! Now I am wearing my cup and I am ready to get out of the house. What should I keep in mind?

A: If you are travelling a short distance and going somewhere where you have access to a bathroom and clean water, you have nothing to worry. Just make sure your cup is fully open before you leave the house. Run a finger around your menstrual cup and see if it feels open. You are good to go!

If you are travelling a long distance and you are not sure if you’ll get access to clean water in the next 8-9 hours or 3-4 (depending on your flow), then carry some hand sanitizer and a bottle of clean water. You can also add a handkerchief or two. Put them all in a little pouch and have your period kit ready! Personally, some of us also like to add an extra set of underwear in the period kit – all for those Oops moments.

Q: I have my period kit ready. How do I manage a long journey, for example on a train?

A: Thankfully, trains at least have toilets; so there is not much to worry about finding a place to empty and reinsert your cup. That railway toilets are in an appalling condition is a different subject altogether. When you are going to empty and reinsert your cup, remember to sanitize your hand (not the cup), then remove the SochGreen cup, wash it with clean water that you carried in a bottle, and reinsert it.

If you do not have access to clean water, you can simply empty the cup of its contents and reinsert it as is, and give it a good rinse once you get to your destination (and a clean bathroom).

Another option that is viable for women is carrying an extra SochGreen cup. Maybe carrying water in a bottle is a hassle. Therefore, it’s always better to have an extra SochGreen cup in your period kit. If you cannot wash your SochGreen cup and you don’t feel like reinserting an unwashed cup, then you can simply use the back-up cup that’s lying in your period kit. You can store away the used cup in a ziploc cover and clean it once you get home/have access to a bathroom.

Q: How do I empty and reinsert my cup on a flight?

You may have to do some acrobatics if you HAVE to empty and reinsert your SochGreen cup in a flight toilet, thanks to the paucity of space. However, if it’s a short flight, we recommend you keep the emptying part for the toilets at the airport. If it’s a long flight, then you have to learn to squat in minimal space; you can also try to wear your cup standing. It’s possible!

Q: Can I just sanitize my cup? Does that take care of all the bacteria?

A: No way! Sanitizers, essential oils, and chemical-laden soaps must not be used to clean your SochCup, whether you are at home or you are taking a long trip away from home. Cleaning with plain water is ideal.

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