FAQ Soch Inter Labia Pad

Frequently Asked Questions – Soch Inter Labia Pad

The Basics

What is a labia pad?

SochLabiaPads are small, leaf-shaped pieces of absorbent cloth that can be folded and placed in between the lips of the labia. When placed between the labial lips, they can catch your discharge or menstrual flow. They help direct the flow of blood toward the centre of the pad. This avoids leaks and stains on the sides. They can be used in conjunction with SochUnderwear, SochPads, or as extra protection when using SochCups.

How much blood will the Inter-labia pad absorb?

The Inter-labia pad is small, but it is meant to catch the “gush” that you experience during menstruation. It prevents all the blood from getting onto to your pad.

Should I always back up the Inter-labia pad with a cloth pad/menstrual cup?

Preferably, yes. If you are using the labia pad just for white discharge, then you need not. But if you are using it to absorb menstrual flow, then you should back it up with a panty liner, pad or a menstrual cup.

How does one wear the SochLabiaPad?

Fold the SochLabiaPad lengthwise in half, as shown in the pictures below. Gently separate the lips of your inner labia. Place the folded SochLabiaPad in between the lips of the labia. Alternatively, you can also roll the labia pad lengthwise and place in between the lips of the labia in a similar manner. Once in place, you can keep the SochLabiaPads for as long as you need (up to 6-8 hours). You can change it sooner depending on your flow.

Will the Inter-labia pad stay in place?

The Inter-labia pad must be folded and placed near the labia; therefore, it may move its position if not properly placed. It is advised to ensure that it is well-placed.

What is labia and where is it located?

Women often use the term ‘vagina’ to mean everything down there, i.e., everything that is part of the female reproductive anatomy. However, let’s clear this, once and for all. Look at the diagram below.


The clitoris is the female organ for sexual pleasure. The urethra is the female organ for urination. The outer labia refers to the fleshy covering of the entire structure. The inner labia is the second layer of the fleshy covering that is closer to the urethra and the clitoris. The hymen is a thin, stretchy membrane that some women have; it covers the entrance of the vagina. In most cases, the membrane wears out due to physical activities. And finally, the vagina. The vagina is the canal that connects the female reproductive system on the inside. White discharge, period blood, and babies come out of the vagina.

How do I wash and clean the SochLabiaPads? What are the loops and string for?

Each SochLabiaPad comes with a loop; a pack of three comes with a button and a string. You can loop in all three of the SochLabiaPads together and soak them in water and give a good rinse. Else, you can put them in your washing machine. The loop, button, and string are provided so that you don’t lose them while in the laundry. Use a mild soap and soak them in cold water. Hot water sets stains; so don’t use hot water right in the beginning. Once the stains are gone, you can rinse them with lukewarm water if you so wish.

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