How to Measure Cervix Length at Home? 5 Easy Steps

Wondering how to measure cervix length at home? Then this blog is for you.

To find out which menstrual cup/cup length is most suitable for you, you need to find out the length of your cervix. Your cervix can move during different days of the month, it is best to be measured on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd day of menses. It is advised not to measure just before or after intercourse or arousal as these activities can cause the cervix to move.
How to Measure Cervix Length at Home, How to measure cervix length for menstrual cup

Q. What is the cervix?

How to Measure Cervix Length at Home, How to measure cervix length for menstrual cup

It is the lowermost part of the uterus, placed a few centimeters inside the vagina. It will feel like a small donut-like opening or the tip of your nose. You will notice a change in the texture once you feel it, as it is very different from the rest of the vagina.

Q. Where and How to Measure Cervix Length at Home?

How to Measure Cervix Length at Home, How to measure cervix length for menstrual cup
You can measure it while you are in the shower so that you can be relaxed and clean your hands easily.

👉🏽How to measure cervix length for menstrual cup?

  • Clean your hands to avoid infections.
  • Stay in a comfortable position (sitting, standing with one leg on bathtub/toilet seat).
  • Gently glide your middle finger inside to feel the little bump/donut-like opening. Refer to Figure 02.
  • If you can’t feel it at all that means it’s located quite high (and you need a long cup, preferably with a stem/tube).
  • If you can feel it, you need to measure – how much of your finger was inside – this will give you an idea of the cup length that can fit inside.

If you can insert your finger till your:
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  • First knuckle – you have a low cervix.
  • Second knuckle – you have a medium cervix.
  • Third knuckle – you have a high cervix.

NOTE: You will first reach your pubic bone, and then your finger will go in further to reach the cervix. Once you reach the cervix, the finger cannot go in any further.

For a detailed video, watch this video by our founder: How to Measure Your Cervix Length and Why (for Menstrual Cup)?

Kegel exercises will help in improving your pelvic floor tone and in turn, keep your cup in place.

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