Important Announcement: From Soch to SochGreen

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Dear readers and supporters, we have an important announcement to make. We designed and manufactured our first products in October of 2016, our products went by the brand name Soch. The word ‘Soch’ (सोच) refers to the verb ‘think’ or the noun ‘thought’.
sochgreen old logo, menstrual cup, period panty
2017 was a wonderful year for us as we gained a lot of followers who loved our product offerings. Thus, in March 2017, we decided to make it official with a brand website. We purchased the website domain www.sochgreen.com. This is when we rebranded to SochGreen. The reason for this was to include a two-fold meaning. First, we wanted to tell people to “think green” and make the switch to a more eco-friendly world. Second, SochGreen is our green thought for a better world. Our products are a testimony to this “green thought” that we hope to plant in others.
sochgreen logo, menstrual cup, period panty
If you follow us on Instagram and Twitter, it’s evident that we go there by the name of SochGreen. Therefore, to make it consistent across all platforms, we are updating the name of our Facebook page (formerly SOCH Reusable Menstrual Products) to SochGreen. Thank you, all, for your love and support.

Team SochGreen

Have a happy period!

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