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Testimonials Period Panty

After using a menstrual cup, I resisted to the idea of anything “external” as I assumed it would all be bulky. However, I was surprised at how comfortable the period panty was. The idea behind the Soch period panty is versatile. You could wear the same period panty the whole day and just keep replacing the cloth pad as and when you need to. Day 5 and a light flow? Just ditch the cloth pad inside and wear just the period panty! I also dreaded having to wash it all, but the stains washed away very easily.

Sharmada, 27 Years Content Editor

Testimonials Period Panty

One of the best reusable menstrual products that I have used until now. It is very much comfortable when compared to the cloth pad. With cloth pads, there could be some discomfort but with period panty there is none now. I am a very happy customer because of period panty now!

Shriprada, 29 Years Software Professional

Testimonials Period Panty

The panty is as soft as butter and gives a motherly touch and secured feeling even on your heavy flow. The combed cotton coverage on the front and back ensures no leakage and at the same time the panty is well ventilated. Perfect product to handle periods & can be used as a back-up for cups or while you are expecting periods. Most recommended for school going girls.

Sucheta Chendvankar, 32 Years Sr. Executive, Human Resource & Systems