Menstrual Cup Uncomfortable / Too Long ?

A collection of menstrual cups of various sizes and shapes, highlighting the discomfort associated with a one-size-fits-all approach. Choosing the right menstrual cup size and body type is important for a comfortable and effective fit.

Menstrual Cup Uncomfortable

Some women complain that menstrual cups are not comfortable. The only possible reason behind this (that I can think of) is that they are not using the right size/type of cup.

We have had countless discussions on “one size fits all” menstrual cups, and there are a bunch of us who believe that this is not true. We need to pick a suitable cup based on our lifestyle/body type and cervix length.

  • The ideal placement of the menstrual cup is just inside the vagina, and not too deep.
  • Women with a high / very high cervix do have the liberty to try and place their cups at different positions.
  • If you have a low/medium cervix, you don’t have many options.

If your cup is forming a seal on your cervix, it can lead to mild pain in lower abdomen or it might not even fit inside. Take a look at the diagrams below to get an idea. Shorter cups will be more comfortable for people with medium / low cervix.


Q. Is your cup forming a seal on your cervix? or Is it too long and does not completely fit inside?

You probably need a shorter cup as both of these can be quite uncomfortable. If you do not wish to invest in another cup, you can try inverting your cup inside out (as shown in photographs below).

Inverted Cups:

  • Length gets reduced by a few mm.
  • Work really well for some women.
  • Can be a little difficult to remove as there are NO grip lines.
  • Can give you an idea if a shorter cup will be more suitable for you, as compared to the one you are currently using.

Some women notice that their menstrual cups put pressure on their bladder, and it takes them longer to pee. To learn how to fix this problem, click here.

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