Cloth Pad (Regular) (Cotton) (1 pc)

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Our reusable sanitary pad regular range is designed for average and plus-sized women. This style works well if you are using underwear with a regular crotch.

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Reusable Sanitary Pad
Soch cloth pad (Cotton) range has a super comfortable wicking 100% cotton top layer which is ideal for women with sensitive skin.

Key Points

  • Our cloth pads can be washed and used 70-90 times.
  • Regular pads are designed for average and plus-sized women.
  • The gusset (width of the pad) measures 8 cm.
  • This size works well if you are using underwear with a regular crotch.
  • Design: Shape of our pad is designed to avoid side leaks and provide a good fit. The pad is comparatively narrower from the wings once closed. The new wing design provides extra protection from leakage.
  • Wing: The wings at the side have snap buttons to keep the cloth pad in place.

Change the pad every 4-7 hours for hygiene reasons. During heavy flow, change once it gets full.

Additional information

Dimension L: L-33 cm*W-8 cm XL: L-36 cm*W-8 cm
Fabric Top layer: 100% cotton Microfleece Leakproof layer
Item Included 1 pc Cloth Pad and 1 Paper Envelope (Printed Wash / Care Instruction)
Manufactured India

12 reviews for Cloth Pad (Regular) (Cotton) (1 pc)

  1. Divya M. (verified owner)

    Material is really soft and it is comfortable to wear. I use a soch menstrual cup along with it..very happy with both the products..

  2. Elizabath (verified owner)

    I feel really comfortable with the product… Perfect fit n no leaks…liked it… No more worries about buying pad every month..the best part of it is, its environment friendly as well as good for our health…

  3. Gauri (verified owner)

    Extremely comfortable and absorbent. Easy to wash

  4. Mubeena P (verified owner)

  5. Sheily (verified owner)

    I have the whole range of sizes of these pads. They are great, super absorbent, sit snugly and doesn’t get displaced easily. Would highly recommend it

  6. Anonymous (verified owner)


  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have bought the same pads I think 3 years back. At that time, the cloth was stronger. But the ones I bought in my second buy easily started tearing, exposing the white filling underneath, just after a few months. Please try to revert to the old materials. Thank you

  8. Ishika Marmat (verified owner)

    The cloth material of this pad is very soft and feels nice on skin. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I am looking forward to buy more from Soch Green. The size of the XL pad is also very big and i love it for heavy flow use…. only the pad bulges in front when hooks are clasped.

  9. Mehak Jain (verified owner)

  10. Rekha (verified owner)

    Hi! I am Shreya. I am 12 years old and I have started getting periods 3 months ago. I have recently switched from using disposable sanitary pads (Stayfree Secure) to reusable Soch pads. I find Soch pads more comfortable and softer than Stayfree Secure while also giving a dry feeling. They are also thin. I have been using the cotton one. I have used medium sized ones and they last me about 12 hours as I have less bleeding. I find S size would suit someone who has little bleeding. Medium would be appropriate for use during the second day or during the night. Thank you Soch for easing me of the discomfort of periods.

  11. Manasi M. (verified owner)

    A great product! No leakages and very comfortable.

  12. Ishika M. (verified owner)

    The cotton pads are extremely comfortable. Easy to wash and the design of Soch green pads is what I absolutely love. Big sizes are soooo good .Using cloth pads has made a real change in my skin and menstrual health . Even after multiple washes they look like new pads.I love the comfort of using them ….. Thanks to Soch green for making my menstruation happy.

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Super absorbent, leakproof and comfortable

Our cloth pads are made from super comfortable wicking 100% cotton top layer which is ideal for women with sensitive skin.