SochKits (Beginner / Starter) (Set of 3)

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The Beginner kit takes care of light to heavy period flow or for light/mild urinary incontinence/urine leaks.

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SochKits Beginner is a trial kit for starters or someone who has just switched to reusable cloth pads. Using all three sizes will give an idea which sizes are more suitable for your flow.

The Kit comes in 4 variations:

  • Regular (Quick Dry)- 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester. Regular range is designed for average and plus-sized women.
  • Regular (Cotton)- 100% Cotton. Regular range is designed for average and plus-sized women.
  • Petite (Quick Dry)- 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester. Petite range is specially designed for young girls, teenagers, slim, petite and average-sized women.
  • Petite (Cotton)- 100% Cotton. Petite range is specially designed for young girls, teenagers, slim, petite and average-sized women.
  • SochPad can be washed and used 70-90 times.

*Change the pad every 4-7 hours for hygiene reasons. During heavy flow, change once it gets full.

Additional information

Gusset (width of the pad)

Regular Range: 8 cm, Petite Range: 7 cm


Regular Quick Dry- Pink / Dark Blue, Regular Cotton- Pink / Purple, Petite Q.Dry- Green / Dark Blue, Petite Cotton- Green / Purple



12 reviews for SochKits (Beginner / Starter) (Set of 3)

  1. Priyanka Watane

    I have been using Soch Period Panty for about a year now and absolutely love love love it!! So when the Soch menstrual cup was launched, I knew it would be a superior product 🙂 Tried it for last 2 cycles and wow! Cant go back to my old cup! This clear transparent cup is so smooth and easy to open, I am amazed! The silicone quality makes all the difference and also the way its designed. I have done all the regular stuff – travel, running, driving with this cup and did not face any leakage, not even spotting. Super easy to insert, open and remove! All in all, a five star cup 🙂

  2. Subhasree Ramesh

    After my delivery I wanted to cupvert and had been reading about it a lot. But somehow I was too scared to take the leap. Then I came across Priyanka’s videos in which she had explained why she started using cloth pads despite being a cup evangelist. To start with, I bought few pads of different manufacturers along with Soch L Regular. Although I did not have leakage issue with any of the cloth pads but Soch pad gave me the near to or even better than disposable pad experience. I did not feel anything uncomfortable, no disgusting smell of the blood and best of all was no rashes on day 4 or 5. Washing the pad was so easy. I just soaked it in cold water for about 30 minutes and all the blood was gone. Used a mild soap to wash off any remaining stain and dried in the sun. There was no tinge of stain after drying and when I showed it to my friends who use disposables, they didn’t believe me when I said that I have used it for about 3 cycles. Now they’ve all started using soch cloth pads.

  3. Sathya Krishnamurthy

    Mom of 2 kids, working in a software concern in Bangalore
    I was a cupvert for 2 yrs until my second pregnancy. Post my second delivery, was looking for cloth pads as I was not ready to use cups post partum and hate using sanitary pads. Came across soch pads and got it in a gut feeling. I should say I am really really impressed. It lasts me for more than 6 hrs during day time and I am super comfy during night as well. I have other brand pads too but I regret buying them as I faced leakage and it doesn’t stay in place unlike soch pads. On heavy days and night time, I blindly choose only soch pads. It’s really a boon!!

  4. Prerna

    Cloth pads are very comfortable….love them☺️

  5. Divya Jain

    Soch Cloth pads are so comfortable,economical,reuseable and the best part environment friendly.So Happy to use them.

  6. Neha budhiraja

    I am a very heavy bleeder and had to change my disposable pads every 2 hours. I always use to end up with rashes during periods before I discovered soch cloth pads. They have changed the way I look at periods now. These are super soft and comfortable, highly absorbent, as good as any disposable pad I have used. I sometimes use to face leakage from the sides due to heavy gushy flow – and I found a great solution to this problem in the inter-labia pads. They are tiny but a great help during heavy flow with clots. As they absorb the clots right at the opening, pads do not get soiled for a long time and I have much less washing to do. I will highly recommend this to all heavy bleeders.
    The new shape of soch pads is also great as they don’t leak from the sides and feel even more comfortable to wear.

  7. Shriprada

    Cloth pads – The first reusable menstrual product I used. I was very excited to use and also the fact that these created no garbage added to my excitement. The fact that it is similar in design to a regular sanitary napkin made it easy to use.

  8. Shriprada

    This tiny piece of pad over the cloth pad worked wonders. Instead of changing the entire cloth pad, I ended up changing only this tiny piece of pad. It was easy to wash and dried quickly when compared to the cloth pad.

  9. Priyanka Jain

    Good things come in small packages. These are a life saver during the heavly flow days. Usually on my heavy days, I end up changing cloth pads every 2 hours and that means a lot of washing up. With these labia pads, I keep changing the labia pads every 1-2 hours so I have very little washing up to do.

  10. Neha Budhiraja

    They help a lot in reducing my work of washing up n frequent changing of cloth pads . They r d product which every1 would luv to use . Must try for heavy bleeders.

  11. bharti rana

    i hv bought these large size quick dry pads 2 times in both regular and petite size
    i dont know if both Medium and Large size have 2 layers than why theres so much price difference like M-1055 and large 1175 wheres XL size costs 1375 my sister is 20 years old unlike me she has heavy flow i bought her a set of large pads keeping in mind that 38 cm length would be too much for her, but she used these pads that was the last time she used them.I dn know why cannot SOCH make large pads with 3 layers otherwise it would be difficult for heavy bleeders. And why wuld somebody give 120 rs. extra fr 4 cm length only .The purpose of pad is to serve both length and absorbency.Kindly provide large size with 3 layers because it is the size most people fit into and it is the size which is not upto the mark with absorbency.I dont think price should be an issue dats already not lower .

  12. Susan

    I was apprehensive at the beginning about buying cloth pads because I have medium to heavy flow and did not think they would work like the disposable ones. I ordered two large pads at first, and was so impressed and bought four more recently ❤️ Being a person constantly trying to reduce plastic usage to zero, I was always worried about the waste generated during my periods, but thanks to you I can finally be guilt-free? So grateful for making such a wonderful, eco-friendly alternative available❤️

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SochPad is made from soft, combed cotton and polyester making the cloth pad efficient and comfortable for regular use.