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FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What are reusable cloth pads?

Reusable cloth pads are an alternative to disposable sanitary napkins. They come with wings on the side that can be snapped to the underwear to keep the pad in place.

What are they made of?

Soch reusable sanitary pads are made of absorbent, quick dry, antipill poly fleece that absorbs menstrual blood quicker and dries faster.

What are the different layers of a Soch cloth pad?

Soch cloth pads generally contain different layers:

  • Top layer: Absorbent, quick dry, antipill poly fleece against the Skin.
  • Core: 2 layers of absorbent poly + 1 layer of cotton flannel.
  • Bottom layer: PUL laminated 95% cotton jersey fabric.

Won’t cloth pads leak?

Our cloth pads come with a leak-proof layer that ensures that you can go about your day without worrying about leaks.

Isn’t using cloth unhygienic?

No. Cloth, by itself, is not unhygienic. It is the way one uses it that makes all the difference. When you are using cloth/cloth pads for your sanitary needs, you need to make sure that they are fully dry before you use them. You should preferably sun-dry them in a well-ventilated space.

Are reusable sanitary pads safe to use?

Yes. If used and cleaned as instructed, cloth pads are absolutely safe to use. Soch cloth pads are not only soft and comfortable to use, but are also economical and eco-friendly. They are free from chlorine, dioxins, pesticides, harmful dyes, fragrances, and allergens that are otherwise found in disposable sanitary napkins.

Why should I use reusable cloth pads?

First, cloth pads do not contain any chemicals. They are soft and comfortable to use and do not cause itching, infection, or rashes. They also do not create any non-biodegradable waste. They work out cheaper in the long run; so they are light on your pocket as well.

How many years do reusable cloth pads last?

If maintained well and cared for, cloth pads last for at least 3-4 years as each pad can be washed and reused up to 70 times.

How many reusable pads would I need per cycle?

Roughly, if you are using only cloth pads, you would need a mix of 3-4 large pads for heavy flow days, 3-4 medium size pads for regular flow days, and 3-4 pantyliners or small pads for light flow days. This will ensure that you have enough cloth pads to use, while some are in the wash.

How do I know which size cloth pad to buy?

The appropriate choice varies depending on your body size and flow. For those new to this, we suggest starting with a trial kit that includes three pads of different sizes.

For how long can I use one cloth pad?

You should change your cloth pad once every 4-6 hours, or sooner if you have heavy flow.

Can I use the pads for postpartum bleeding?

Absolutely. You can use our Large and XL size for postpartum bleeding. You can also try our Soch period panty with extra inserts.

How long does Soch Cloth Pads last?

On an average, if maintained well, our pads should last you for 70+ washes.


I just bought Soch Cloth Pads. Can I use it directly?

Before you try the pads for the first time, we recommend you wash them according to our clean & care instructions.

If I have light flow, can I use the pad for more than 4-6 hours?

No. No matter how light your flow is, we recommend you change your cloth pad once every 4-6 hours for hygiene reasons.

How do I wash the reusable pads?

First, soak the used pad in a mug of cold soapy water for 30 minutes. This should remove the blood from the pad. Next, rinse by hand with mild soap and water. Do not brush. Dry the washed pad in sunlight. Do not fold or keep it on a flat surface. Hang it straight.

Can I brush the cloth pads?

No. The fibres of the cloth will come out if roughly brushed. Hand-rinsing is the best option.

Can I use Dettol/other soaps to wash the cloth pads?

Dettol, fabric softners or other disinfectants are not recommended. You can, however, use mild soaps and essential oils.

Can I machine-wash the pads?

Occasionally, you can machine-wash the pads. However, we do not recommend it on a regular basis as it may reduce the life of cloth pads.

Can I wash the cloth pads in hot water?

Rinsing directly in hot water sets stains. Therefore, we recommend you first remove the stains with cold water.

How do I store cloth pads in between cycles?

Between cycles, we recommend you store the cloth pads in a clean and dry place after they are fully dry from washing.

How do I store a used pad before I can wash it?

If you are not at home, carry a ziploc cover/pouch with you to store your used pad. The used pad can be folded to make it smaller.
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I do not have space to dry it in the sun/ I live in a place that does not get enough sunlight. Can I still use a cloth pad?

Though we ideally recommend sun-drying the cloth pad, at least ensure that the cloth pad is entirely dry before you use it. If sun-drying is not an option, you should dry the cloth pads in a well-ventilated place. We also recommend the Quick Dry pads for the same.


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