SochCup Size Guarantee!

SochCup, our menstrual cup, is one of the best menstrual cups available in India; it’s made of the highest quality biocompatible silicone. It is safety verified by Safety Research Monitor Foundation India and has been awarded a 10/10 score by them. SochCup is available in two sizes – SochCup Small and SochCup Large. Here are the dimensions of the two sizes of the SochCup:


As you can glean from the dimensions of the two sizes of the SochCup, they cover the requirements of almost all women. Women with both low cervix, medium cervix, and high cervix can easily use our SochCup. Both SochCup S and L come with a stem; this helps women with a high cervix. Women with a low cervix or those who feel that the stem is not required can simply just chop the stem off.

Many women write to us or DM us asking about how to choose between the two sizes available of our SochCup. If you are wondering about which size SochCup would be the best fit for you, take our quiz on our website here – https://sochgreen.com/pages/sochcup-quiz.

If you want to read a quick note on the different factors that are important in deciding the size of the SochCup, here is the blog article you need to read – https://sochgreen.com/blogs/sochgreen/how-to-choose-your-sochcup-size. This article sums up all the aspects that go into the making of our SochCup quiz. It’ll provide you with an idea of what our thought process was when we are making the quiz. The math on this is really simple: if you are under 30 and/or if you haven’t given birth, SochCup Small would be ideal for you; on the other hand, if are over 30 and/or have given birth (however many and vaginal/C-section deliveries), you can go for SochCup Large. In most cases, the weight of carrying a child through the months of pregnancy may have slightly expanded the vaginal muscles. Therefore, women who have given birth may need a cup with a larger diameter.

So, if you are planning to buy a SochCup, we recommend that you take our quiz and read our article first. If you are still confused about which size to choose, we recommend that you drop us a message on Instagram @sochgreen or on Facebook @SochGreen. We will be happy to answer any queries that you may have in terms of sizing or other concerns.

Post this, after using our SochCup for a good 2-3 menstrual cycles, if you still feel like the other size may work better for you, you can drop a mail to us on care@sochgreen.com and we would be happy to provide you with SochCup of the other size.

Have a happy period!

– Team SochGreen

So, if you are planning to buy a SochCup, we recommend that you take our quiz and read our article first.

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