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Every time we do a session on our reusable period products, a lot of mothers attend the session mainly for their young daughters. Apart from being interested in making the switch to reusables themselves, they are curious about what products are available for their growing daughters.


What are the products available for teenage girls?

SochGreen offers two main products and one auxiliary product for girls who are just starting out their periods and want external period products. We offer the SochUnderwear and SochPads, which can be used on their own and Soch Labia Pads that have to be used in tandem with the SochUnderwear or SochPads.

What about menstrual cups?

Many mothers have asked us if we recommend menstrual cups for young girls. The answer is a little more complex than a simple yes or no. The question of the hymen comes up whenever we talk about this. The hymen is a thin piece of tissue that covers the vaginal opening. Essentially, the hymen is a vestigial organ as it has no functional use to the human body. It’s something that covers the vagina during fetal development in the womb and eventually the membrane thins out on its own. There are many types of hymen. In almost all cases, the vagina is fairly open; the hymen simply restricts the opening a bit.

What is virginity?‘Virginity’ and ‘hymen’ are often used in the same breath. However, they are two different terms. Virginity refers to whether or not a person has had sexual intercourse; the kind of sex can be anything: penetrative or non-penetrative.

In a majority of the girls, the hymen is stretched out by the time they hit puberty. Given how thin a tissue the hymen is, it easily expands from sports and other physical activities. And yes, all you need is for the hymen to stretch out a bit in order to be able to wear the menstrual cup. Therefore, if your daughter is 16-17 years old and is physically active, it may be really easy to use a SochCup of the small size. It’s possible to use SochCup even if the hymen is partially covered since the cup fold makes sure that the cup is small enough for the vaginal opening to accommodate the cup even with a part of it, perhaps, covered by the hymen. In some cases, menstrual cup use can also stretch out or thin out the hymen. Those with a majority of the opening covered by the hymen will have difficulty using a menstrual cup, inserting a finger, or penetrative sex, for that matter. If that’s the case, one needs to visit a gynecologist for further advice.

We recommend young girls using the SochCup S only if the girl is confident enough with her own body and self. Once they have explored and are comfortable with the thought of using an internal period product, it should not be difficult.

What to use if not the menstrual cup?

At SochGreen, we believe that every menstruating person should have the product of their choice. For youngsters who don’t want to use a menstrual cup and are not comfortable about an internal period product, we HIGHLY recommend SochUnderwear and SochPads.

SochUnderwear and SochPads are both external period products. They are available in an array of sizes. While SochUnderwear can simply be used like regular underwear along with an insert, SochPads can be used just like any other pad, except it’s soft, reusable, and does not create any waste. Soch Labia Pads are leaf-shaped padettes that can be worn along with SochUnderwear or SochPads to help direct the flow of blood towards the center of the pad. SochUnderwear, SochPads, and Soch Labia Pads are a great combination for any youngster who has just begun her period. For more information, visit www.sochgreen.com

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