Soft Menstrual Cup

Your age?

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  • 30 and below
  • Above 30

Sexual activity / child bearing history?

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  • Sexually inactive
  • Sexually active
  • Child birth, c-section, one
  • Child birth, c-section, two or more
  • Vaginal birth, one or more


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  • Not very active, sedentary lifestyle
  • Active, exercise once/twice a week
  • Very active, exercise 3-7 times a week
  • Super active, athletic fitness level


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  • Light, pads / tampons do not need a change even in 6 hours
  • Medium, change pads / tampons every 4-6 hours
  • Heavy, change pads / tampons every 2-4 hours
  • Very heavy, change pads / tampons in less than 2 hours

Cervix Length

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  • I don't know, suggest a cup that will suit "most" women
  • Low, measures around 1-1.5 knuckles during periods
  • Medium, measures around 2-3 knuckles during periods
  • High, could barely feel anything when I tried to measure during periods.
  • I have never measured, but I comfortably use small tampons.
  • I have never measured, but I comfortably use regular tampons.
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