Why Should I Buy SochCup? Because It’s Safety Verified!

In the last several months, we have received some queries on our Instagram profile @sochgreen regarding the wide variety of menstrual cups available in the market today. This prompted us to draft this blog piece to answer some concerns and clear some confusion regarding menstrual cup quality.


The primary question was – why should I buy SochCup, which costs INR 1250, when I can buy menstrual cups for as little as INR 300 on Amazon and Flipkart? Well, the answer to this question is a very simple mantra: you get what you pay for.

The problem with cheap menstrual cups that are available on Indian e-commerce sites is that they are all China cheapies. In the menstrual cup world, China cheapies are menstrual cups that are made from very cheap materials in China. Most times, they are not even made of silicone; they tend to be made of plasticky materials. They are then shipped to other countries and are sold under different brand names for a fraction of what good quality menstrual cups cost.

Here are some notable traits of China cheapie menstrual cups:

  • They usually do not have their own brand websites and are available only on Amazon or Flipkart.
  • They are often priced at and around INR 500-600; however, they are perpetually available at a discounted price and can be bought for as less as INR 300.
  • Often times, the photos on the purchase link do not match the actual photos.
  • The instruction manuals are usually generic ones and are replete with grammar and typographical errors.

One also does not know the manufacturing environment of these cups and whether their employees are paid even a minimum wage. To my best belief, these cups are not tested for quality or performance.

What about SochCup?

SochCup is made of the best quality biocompatible silicone. In fact, we also got the SochCup tested by the Safety Research Monitor Foundation (SRMF) in India. SRMF is a not-for-profit organization that tests the chemical safety of cosmetic and personal care products. According to them, every ingredient used in such products may have the potential to cause allergies and diseases. SRMF and their rating methodology empowers consumers with the relevant information that they need to make informed choices about the products that they buy and use.

The SochCup was given a 10/10 quality rating by SRMF. SRMF writes, Soch cups are made up of safe and reliable materials and are manufactured following the established quality practices. Soch cups, when used following the product use instructions will be more likely to be safe and an eco-friendly option for significant number of women.

With validation from experts in the field, it’s safe to say that SochCup is the best cup of choice for the Indian woman. When you buy SochCup, what you get in return is value for your money, ethically made menstrual cups, and excellent customer service.
Buy your SochCup today on www.sochgreen.com.

Have a happy period!

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