Women’s Day 2019: Balance for Better

In the last decade or so, International Women’s Day has received a lot of attention from corporates and businesses the world over. What the Socialist party in America started in New York of the early 1900s has carried through even after a century. The United Nations coopted the celebration of women’s day in 1975. And from the year 1996, it assigned a theme for each year of the celebrations. The theme for this year’s campaign was succinctly summed in the hashtag #balanceforbetter. The larger theme was: ‘Think equal, build smart, innovate for change’.

The focus is on finding innovative ways to help the advancement of gender equality and women’s empowerment. We at SochGreen believe that women’s day is not all about roses, spa vouchers, free movie tickets, free popcorn at movies, and the like. We believe that true empowerment comes in walking the talk, in empowering women by providing them with information that will help them make choices about their bodies and their selves. When we educate a woman, the whole society benefits from her education.

This year, on the occasion of women’s day, our founder Priyanka Nagpal Jain conducted two sessions on eco-friendly period products. In tune with this year’s theme #balanceforbetter, the thing that struck us the most was that in our journey to empower women with information and choice, we are always striking a balance between women’s health and sustainability.


The first session titled ‘HealthInYourPants was conducted at Ista Fitness in Gurugram. Renowned gynaecologist Dr Parul Buttan Chopra addressed the audience about period problems. Rashmi from Ista Fitness then spoke about the importance of fitness in women’s lives and on their general health and well-being. The final part of the session was a talk on eco-friendly SochGreen period products like menstrual cups, period panties, and cloth pads.

The second session that we conducted was at Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group in New Delhi. Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group is an NGO that works for environmental sustainability and social justice with various stakeholders. We provided 17 SochCups at a discounted price to the female staff of this NGO. We helped all the women make the size choice. This was followed by a session on how to use eco-friendly period products, especially menstrual cups. We were delighted that organizations like Chintan took truly sustainable initiatives to help their female staff.

And finally, we had a great announcement to make! We launched the TWIN pack offer for SochCups. Essentially, you get 2 cups whose individual price is INR 1250 for INR 2300. We reckoned that women often feel comfortable to try something new when they have a close female friend also trying it with them at the same time. Be it their daughter, mother, sister, friend, colleague, neighbour, relative, or their home help, women can now buy two cups at a reduced price! We appreciate the sisterhood of the menstrual cups! If you are considering trying a cup and cupverting your female buddy, this is your time. Buy it here Set of 2.

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