World of ReUsable Menstrual Hygiene Products (a.k.a. RUMPs)

At SochGreen, we are committed to provide you with an array of healthy alternatives to disposable period products. Our products are made from healthier reusable and/or biodegradable materials that reduce the burden on waste management systems.

Our Story

In 2015, econut couple Priyanka and Pranav Jain founded Hygiene and You, a one-stop shop for RUMPs.

The endeavour was greatly successful. When Priyanka started sharing the story of her RUMPs journey, women resisted the idea of switching to reusable products. This resistance and the constant comparison to disposables prompted Priyanka and Pranav to start SochGreen, their own homegrown brand of reusable period products, in 2017. Priyanka’s background in interior design and Pranav’s background in trading was a great combination to get SochGreen alive and kicking. Priyanka believes that with the right knowledge and support, every woman can switch to reusable products, for the better.

soch reusable period products
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