Benefits of Eco Friendly Period Products

SochGreen is at the forefront of the green period revolution, and our products bear testimony to it. The benefits of switching from disposables (sanitary napkins and tampons) to eco friendly period products are plenty! If you are still on the fence about it all, here are our top 5 reasons why you should switch:

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SochGreen was started with the idea of giving every woman eco friendly period products that would be comfortable as well as easy to use. While disposable products often lead to chafing, skin irritation, infections, and discomfort, our products are designed to make the period experience a happy experience.



What sets apart SochGreen products from other similar products in the market is our quality. Our products are well researched and are made from the best materials available. When you buy a SochGreen product, you are investing your money in something that is 100% safe, tested, and reliable. Because of the quality, our products are also durable and perform par expectations.

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Your health is our utmost priority. Therefore, our SochGreen eco friendly period products are made of soft fabrics which are gentle on the skin. Unlike disposables, they do not cause rashes, dryness, or itching when used. They are free from all kinds of fragrance, adhesive chemicals, and absorbent gels. SochCup is made of biocompatible silicone which is tested and safe to use.


As most disposable products are a monthly investment, we never realise how much money we actually spend on them. All SochGreen products are light on your pocket when compared to their disposable alternatives. Though it may appear to be expensive in the beginning, you realise that it’s a long-lasting investment; hence cutting down your monthly costs significantly. In most cases, you recover the cost within the first year itself.


SochGreen is also committed to saving the environment in every possible way. We aim to make every period trash-free by ensuring that you don’t add to the existing garbage woes. Use of disposable products leads to non-biodegradable garbage that ends up in landfills. With every SochGreen eco friendly period products you buy and use, you can be rest assured that you are menstruating guilt-free each month!

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