FAQ Urinary Incontinence / Bladder Leaks

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence refers to involuntary urine leakage or leakage of urine which is not in one’s control.

What causes urinary incontinence?

It can be brought about by several factors including childbirth, old age, and pelvic injuries. Women who have had vaginal deliveries are at a high risk for this as they may have weak pelvic floor muscles.

Is urinary incontinence temporary or chronic?

Depending on what is causing the urinary incontinence, it can be temporary or chronic. If it is caused due to pregnancy or childbirth, then it is usually temporary and can go away on its own. However, it it is due to aging or pelvic floor injuries, it may be more chronic and require extensive treatment and exercise.

What can I do to manage urinary incontinence?

You need to seek medical help if it’s becoming a chronic problem. In the meantime, SochGreen offers you some products that can help you deal with the situation.

Why should I SochGreen products for urinary incontinence?

SochGreen products are designed to help you deal with the embarrassing problem of bladder leaks in an eco-friendly way as they don’t contain any chemicals. They are also long-lasting and are economical to use in the long run. Most of all, they are more comfortable than disposable products.

What does SochGreen offer for urinary incontinence?

For urinary incontinence, SochGreen offers SochUnderwear with/without inserts and SochPads.

What is SochUnderwear?

SochUnderwear is a reusable and leak-proof underwear that can be used for urinary incontinence. It is made of a leak-proof crotch panel that can accommodate removable SochInserts inserts, if needed.

What are SochInserts?

SochInserts are cloth pad inserts that can be used along with SochUnderwear to extend the amount of time one can use SochUnderwear. They do not have a leak-proof layer and come with snap-on buttons on the side so that they don’t move around. They are available in several sizes in both the regular and petite designs; however, we recommend using the L and XL sizes for urinary incontinence use. We also recommend using the Quick Dry versions When you are using SochInserts, you can choose any of the sizes it is offered in.

What is SochUnderwear made of?

SochUnderwear is made of 95% cotton and 5% percent spandex. The outer layer of inserts are made of combed cotton. Internal pad is made of polyester.

How can I use it for bladder leaks?

For very minor bladder leaks, you can use the SochUnderwear as it is. If you have mild to medium incontinence, we recommend using the SochUnderwear along with inserts.

How much urine can the SochUnderwear hold?

SochUnderwear offers products with different levels of absorbency. Since bladder leaks happen throughout the day, the following numbers are an estimate of how much urine the underwear can hold in a single day. While the half pad can hold 20 ml in over 12 hours, the full pad can hold about 40 ml in over 12 hours. Additionally, each insert can hold about 20 ml in over 12 hours.

What are the different types of SochUnderwear?

SochUnderwear is available in half-pad and full-pad versions in both hipster and brief styles.

What are half-pad and full-pad versions?

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In the half-pad version, the leak-proof crotch panel covers half the underwear, while in the full-pad version, the leak-proof crotch panel extends all the way till front and back of the underwear (till the end). Half-pad SochUnderwear can be used for daily discharge, light period flow, very mild incontinence, and as a backup for cups. Full-pad SochUnderwear is suitable for heavy period flow and mild urinary incontinence.

What are hipster and brief styles?

While there is no difference between hipster and brief styles in terms of size; the only difference is in terms of where the waistband would be. In the hispter style, the waistband is lower, while in the brief style, the waistband sits much higher.

What are the different sizes of SochUnderwear?

SochUnderwear is available from XS to 2XL sizes.

How do I choose the correct size?

For this purpose, we have designed a quiz that can help you choose the right size –

How many years does SochUnderwear last?

If maintained well, SochUnderwear easily lasts as well as other underwear. On an average, they last for 70+ washes.

Can I use the SochUnderwear and the SochPads for complete urine and faecal incontinence?

No, even if you use them both together, it is not recommended for complete urine and faecal incontinence. These can be used only for very mild, mild, and medium incontinence.

Do I still need to go to the bathroom if I am using SochUnderwear/SochPads?

Yes, these are meant to be used as a backup till you get to the bathroom. They cannot hold a lot of liquid.

Won’t the SochUnderwear/SochPads smell of urine?

Urine starts smelling foul only when it is left to sit in contact with a warm and moisture-laden environment. The bacteria that grow in this environment is what leads to the smell. SochUnderwear, with its quick-dry technology, ensures that the underwear is kept as moisture-free as possible, thus eliminating the odour. The smell may increase with prolonged use in a day when there are heavy leaks; therefore, if you find it smelly, you can change the SochUnderwear/SochInserts more often, as required.


I just bought the SochUnderwear/SochPads. Can I use it directly?

Before you use it first time, wash them according to the clean & care instructions. Make sure you dry it thoroughly before you using it.

How do I wash SochUnderwear/SochPads?

If you are washing by hand, run the Sochunderwear and/or SochPads under cold water to remove urine. Then, soak it in a mug of cold or normal water for 30 minutes to 8 hours. Scrub by hand with mild soap and water. Do not brush. Dry the washed underwear and/or insert in sunlight or in a well-ventilated place/low tumble dry. Make sure you hang it straight.
If you prefer machine wash, make sure you remove the urine by squeezing the underwear and/or insert in cold or normal water. Put the underwear and/or the inserts in a cotton bag (optional). Wash in a short cycle. Tumble dry (on low setting) and hang it straight in sunlight or in a well-ventilated place.

Why shouldn’t I brush SochUnderwear/SochPads?

We do not recommend brushing them because brushing may cause the fibres to harden and cause irritation. It may also reduce the life of the products.

Can I use Dettol to wash SochUnderwear/SochPads?

We do not recommend the use of Dettol, fabric softeners or other harsh chemical-ridden soaps. Use only mild soap as required. You can use vinegar or essential oils once in a while in your soaking water.

How do I store a used insert before I can wash it?

If you are not at home, carry a ziploc cover/pouch with you to store your used insert. The used insert can be folded to make it smaller.
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