How to Choose Your SochCup Size

SochCup is a resuable period product that was launched in India in the year 2017. The brand SochGreen has a range of reusable period products, among which the SochCup is one of our most popular products.

SochCup is a menstrual cup that is made of the best quality, medical-grade, bio-compatiable silicone. The SochCup is available in two sizes – Small (S) and Large (L). The way our SochCups have been designed is such that both sizes fit most women. Personally, as someone with a high cervix and who is 28 years of age, I can use both the SochCup S and SochCup L with equal ease. However, I simply feel a lot more comfortable with the SochCup S since I’ve not given birth and do not, typically, need a cup of larger diameter.

There are several different factors that have to be taken into account while choosing the best size for your SochCup. Here are some of the factors:

  1. Age: The logic behind age being one of the criteria for choosing a cup is because our muscles tend to get looser over time unless someone is specifically strength training or is athletic. So, for anyone aged 30 or under, a SochCup Small would be ideal; and for anyone over 30, a SochCup Large would be preferable. Again, this is not a watertight classification; this is a general idea.
  2. Sexual Activity/Child-Bearing History: Let’s deconstruct these two factors and the role they play in helping you choose a cup.
    Sexual Activity: While this aspect does not have a direct bearing on the size of the cup to be used, in general, those who are sexually active seem to know the internal female anatomy and may find it easier to wear a cup for the first time.

    Child-bearing History: This aspect is a gamechanger when it comes to selecting the right size of the cup. If you have had a child, whether by C-section or a vaginal delivery, we always recommend a SochCup L, no matter your age. This is because of the reason that the pelvic floor muscles would have expanded during the pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby.

  3. Activity Level: If you are at a moderate level of activity or if you have a sedentary lifestyle, a larger cup might be better for you; but this should be taken into account only in conjunction with other factors. If you are very athletic and exercise more than 4-5 times a week, then you might want to choose a smaller cup as your pelvic floor muscles would have gotten strengthened from the continuous training and activity.
  4. Flow: If you have a heavy flow, then you might want to go for a larger cup; if your flow is moderate or low, you can go for a smaller cup. However, bear in mind that this should not be your only deciding factor for cup size.
  5. Cervix Height: Though cervix height is a universally used measure for finding the best cup for yourself, in the case of SochCup, the design is such that even SochCup L can be used for those with both low and high cervix heights. Same goes for SochCup S. While measuring your cervix, if you find that your cervix is less than one knuckle, then you might want to go for SochCup S or even SochUnderwear. Anyone with medium or high cervix can use both SochCup Small or Large.

Now that you have a clear explanation of the different factors that go into deciding what size SochCup you should buy, take our SochCup quiz here. Our quiz takes into account all the above-mentioned factors and recommends the best cup as per your input. If you have any doubts despite the quiz, feel free to drop us a message on our Instagram page @https://instagram.com/sochgreen or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SochGreen/.

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