How do I Choose My Reusable Period Product?

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SochGreen is an Indian brand that focuses on making reusable period products for women. We offer an array of period products (menstrual cups, cloth pads, period panty and labia pads), and every menstruator can find something that fits their needs.

Q. How Should You Choose Your SochGreen Period Product?


1. SochCup

SochCup by JuJu is a reusable menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone. It is an internal period product that sits inside the vagina and collects period blood. Our cups are made in Australia with best quality material that makes it easy to pop open. We do not agree with the statement “One size fits all” as every body is different externally as well as internally. Our cups come in four different sizes: Model 1, 2, 3 and 4 and three different colors: Clear, blue and Pink.

1.1. Whom Do We Recommend This To?

Women who are comfortable with insertion. This does not mean only sexually active women or women who have given birth. Any woman who has used an internal period product like tampon before or has done enough research and is mentally prepared to use an internal period product can use the SochCup easily.

1.2. What Can It Be Used for?

Vaginal Discharge and Period Blood.
This cannot be used for postpartum discharge or lochia. Post delivery, a woman’s body is more prone to infections and internal products must be avoided.

1.3. Which Size Should You Buy?

  • If you’re in your teens or under 30, we recommend the SochCup Model 1.
  • If you have a low cervix, we recommend the SochCup Model 4.
  • If you’re over 30 years of age, or have given birth, Model 2 is for you.
  • And if you have a high cervix, we recommend the SochCup Model 3 for you.
  • If you’re still confused, head over to our quiz here.



2. Period Panty

SochUnderwear is a reusable period underwear that comes along with an insert. The underwear is leakproof; it can be worn just like any other underwear and the insert can be changed according to one’s needs. You can buy extra inserts on our website too. For light flow or daily discharge, you can wear the underwear on its own, without the extra insert. The SochUnderwear comes in sizes XS to 4XL. It comes in three colours – black, pink and purple.

2.1. Whom Do We Recommend This To?

All menstruating women. Seriously. The SochUnderwear is so versatile that you can find a use for it, no matter what your age is!

2.2. What Can It Be Used for?

Vaginal Discharge, Period Blood, Mild Incontinence, and Postpartum Bleeding. For vaginal discharge and low-flow period days, you can use the SochUnderwear without the insert. For regular-flow days, mild incontinence, and postpartum bleeding, you can you use it with the insert.

2.3. Which Size Should You Buy?

There is a size chart with each product, go through it and measure yourself accordingly to pick the right size. If you’re in between sizes, you can opt for the bigger size.

3. Cloth Pads

SochPads are washable cloth pads that can be used just like regular sanitary napkins. However, they are a safer, economical, and eco-friendly alternative to disposable sanitary pads. They have been designed keeping user comfort in mind. Just like one would change a disposable sanitary pad once every 6-8 hours, one would need to change SochPads with the same frequency. They can be washed and reused at least 70 times. They are available from XS to XL sizes. SochPads are available in two versions – Regular and Quick Dry. They are also offered in Petite and Regular sizes.

reusable period product, cloth pads
3.1 Whom Do We Recommend This To?
We recommend SochPads to young girls and women who are not comfortable with the idea of using an internal period product but don’t mind a bit of washing. Older women who are menopausal and have irregular flow find SochPads comfortable for daily use.

3.2 What Can It Be Used For?
SochPads can be used for period blood, white discharge, very mild incontinence, and postpartum bleeding or lochia. It can be used as is or in combination with our SochLabiaPads. SochGreen Labia Pads are small, leaf-shaped pads that can be worn between the labial lips to direct the flow of blood to the center of the pad.

3.3 Which Size Should We Buy?
To begin with, you can opt for the trial kit that gives an idea to the user which size suits them best according to their flow.

4. Interlabial Pad

SochLabiaPad is a small, leaf-shaped inter-labia pad, which is meant to be folded and placed between the lips of the vagina, just at the vaginal opening. It is an external product and is to be used for added protection while using SochUnderwear or SochPad. It is soft and absorbent and comes in two sizes – small and large. Given how useful these pads are, it’d be apt to say – great things come in small packages. Try them out!

reusable period product, cloth pads, interlabial pads

4.1. Whom Do We Recommend This To? 
We recommend these to anyone with heavy flow, to be used along with cloth pads or period panty. These can also be use by those who want a dry feel during days with white discharge.

4.2. What Can It Be Used For?
These are used to prevent your cloth pad or period panty from leaking due to a sudden gush of flow. They can also be used to absorb clots or white discharge.

4.3 Which Size Should We Buy?
Both sizes can be used by all. Small size is more comfortable to wear but large size will absorb more.

Which Products Should You Buy for Your Cycle?

For a completely eco-friendly and comfortable cycle, we recommend a combination of our products. If you’re game for trying all kinds of products, be they internal or external, you can try all our products on all the days, according to your convenience!
If you do not wish to use internal products, then go for cloth pads and period panties.
In case you are looking for something convenient and easy to clean, then you must try our menstrual cup.

Have a happy period!


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