The Menstrual Cup Size: Does One Size Really Fit All?

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How to Choose a Menstrual Cup? Does One Size Menstrual Cup Really Fit All?

The debate around one-size-fits-all is a raging one, especially when it comes to menstrual cups. Menstrual cups, once a thing of awe, no longer elicit the same response from young women in India. From an object of curiosity, confusion, and fear, the menstrual cup has moved on to become something that everyone is willing to try and embrace.

With this shift in perspective, the nature of the questions that we receive from potential users is quite different. From the modus operandi of a menstrual cup, the questions have now graduated to how to choose a menstrual cup i.e. which menstrual cup one should buy – size, shape, color, brand, etc.

Commonly Asked Question

One of the most common questions we receive is whether a one-size-fits-all cup really does fit everyone? In the Indian market, there are brands that make just one cup for all their users and there are brands that offer a whole range of sizes for one to choose from. The ideology behind offering a one-size cup is to eliminate the confusion around which size to buy. It inherently lessens buyer confusion and makes the cup-buying process significantly easier for those interested in investing in a menstrual cup. Indeed, when one is new to the idea of a menstrual cup, one may be confused by all the available options and be overwhelmed about which one to zero in on.

🤔The problem with this approach is similar to the problem experienced by anyone who has ever tried anything that is one-size-fits-all. The beauty of the human body is such that it comes in all shapes and sizes. The same dress will fit differently on different people who may be in the same weight range because every human being’s size and proportions is unique to them. The same logic applies to menstrual cups, especially because the length of the cervix differs from one woman to another, based on a whole host of factors.

👉🏽Before we move on to cervix length, let’s first understand what the cervix is and where it is located in the human body.

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Q. What Is The Cervix?

In the female internal reproductive system, the cervix is located between the end of the uterus and the beginning of the vagina. It acts as a connecting neck of tissue between the two organs. What a human female can feel from the outside leading to the inside of the vagina is the outer cervix – which feels like a button end or the tip of a nose depending on which part of your menstrual cycle you are in. The cervix changes its position during different parts of your cycle – moving up and down. It also changes in the way it feels and its location during and after pregnancy. The height of the cervix is also not proportional to how tall or short a human female is. A woman who is short can have a long cervix and a woman who is tall can have a low cervix.

Now that we know that the height of the cervix varies from one woman to another, it leads us to the next question❓- can a cup that offers only size fit every woman? The simple answer to this is No. The complex answer involves understanding the relationship between the cervix and the menstrual cup a little more.

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Video: Why and how to measure your cervix length to find the most suitable menstrual cup?

Every Women Is Different, So Is Their Cervix Length

Imagine wearing a one-size-fits-all dress – it would probably best fit someone who is of a medium size. It would still somewhat fit those who are of a small or a large size. But it will definitely be the worst fit for someone who lies at the extreme ends of the bell curve.

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One Size Menstrual Cups That Fit All

Similarly, most cup manufacturers who have just one size to offer cater to the large majority of those who fall into the average/medium size. Though this is a good percentage of women to cater to, it surely is not the most ideal scenario for cup users.

In other words,

  • for someone with a low cervix, it may be extremely uncomfortable if they were to use an average-sized cup. A part of the cup, especially the tail end, may stick outside the vagina – causing pain and discomfort.
  • For someone with a high cervix, an average-sized cup may be comfortable to wear but it may be extremely difficult to remove it since the cup is in a higher place than one can comfortably grasp with one’s fingers.

The other aspect to consider in terms of size is the Rim Diameter.

  • For women who have not given birth, they do not need a wide cup. In fact, using a cup wider than required causes it to put pressure on the bladder (making you want to pee more often) or the anus. It might give one a ‘pokey’ feeling and may be uncomfortable.
  • Similarly, for women who have given birth, they are comfortable with a slightly wider cup since pregnancy and childbirth both cause a slight widening of the cervix and the vaginal canal. Using a smaller cup can cause the cup to leak as it may not cover the cervical opening fully.

Why Go With One-Size-Fits-All menstrual cup, when you can get one customized for your needs?

At SochGreen, we offer 4 different sizes in our menstrual cup – Small or Model 1 for those who haven’t given birth, Large or Model 2 for those who have given birth, Model 3 for those who have a high cervix, and Model 4 for those who have a low cervix. If you are confused about which cup to choose, please use our SochCup quiz to help you find the best cup.

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