Low Cervix Menstrual Cup by Mermaid®(w/o box)

The menstrual cup is made of high quality medical grade silicone that pops open easily. It is suitable for women with low cervix, short vaginal canal and prolapsed uterus.


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Low Cervix Menstrual Cup
Our menstrual cup takes pleasure to replace your sanitary napkins and tampons. With pride, we tell you that one cup doesn’t fit all.

  • Our newly designed menstrual cup is smooth and flexible which pops open easily. Once inserted, you will not feel it.
  • It’s medium firmness makes it ideal for beginners and experienced users alike.
  • The cup is made of high-quality Japanese medical grade silicone.
  • The cup can last up to 10 years.
  • One cup can collect menstrual blood for approx. up to 3-8 hours depending upon the flow.
  • When to remove: For good hygiene, cup should be emptied and washed every 8 hours even if it is not full.
  • Wash the cup with water or unscented soap.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Color* Pink
Diameter Dia: 48 mm Length- 40 mm (excluding stem)
Capacity 28 ml to the rim 16 ml to the holes
Item Included 1 Cup 1 Cloth Bag & 1 Instruction Manual
User Guide* English
Manufactured Designed: Malaysia Mfd; China


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