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In July 2019, I had the opportunity to be a part of a SochGreen event in Bangalore. Not having taken any Menstrual Hygiene sessions for this age group of women, especially mothers, in the recent past, I was clearly worried. The day of the event arrived and I ended up at the venue with all my SochGreen sample products – SochCup of two sizes, SochUnderwear along with some inserts, and SochPads of multiple sizes and types.

As an event sponsor, SochGreen was given the wonderful opportunity to give a demo session and talk about eco-friendly period products. After a quick introduction about myself and SochGreen founder Priyanka Nagpal Jain, I brought up the 3 reasons why every woman should switch to reusable period products:

  • The first reason is the amount of garbage that disposable period products create.
  • The second reason is one’s personal health. As women, we have all experienced itching, rashes, and other issues with disposable sanitary napkins.
  • The third reason is the cost-effectiveness of reusable products.

I started the demo session with a question – how many people among the participants knew about menstrual cups and cloth pads? A quick look around the table and to my utter surprise, all hands went up. This was perhaps the first time in an event where all the participants knew about eco-friendly period products! In fact, three of them said that they were already using menstrual cups.

Despite the knowledge about menstrual cups, the participant mothers still had several questions – when is it safe to use a cup after childbirth? Which size should I buy? Which brand should I buy? And the like. After answering all their questions and quickly demonstrating the use and wash and care instructions for the SochCup, I also spent some time talking about China cheapies and why one should NOT go for a China cheapie cup as some mothers in the group who were already using menstrual cups had purchased cheap Chinese menstrual cups online. In fact, SochCup, which is made of biocompatible silicone has been given a 10/10 score for safety by the Safety Monitor Research Foundation.

Next, I moved on to talking about SochUnderwear, which is our star product. Since the group consisted of several new mothers, this product was definitely going to be useful for them. SochUnderwear can be used for a variety of purposes – white discharge, period blood, mild incontinence (which many new mothers suffer from) and postpartum bleeding or lochia. The mothers were definitely interested in this soft and comfortable reusable product that could be used for postpartum bleeding. The demo was followed by explaining the wash and care routine. And last but not least, I explained all about SochPads while passing around the sample pads that I carried with me. The participants were delighted at the softness and finish of the SochPads. With this done, I had some time left for a quick Q&A. The mothers asked me a few parting queries and I was more than happy to clear their doubts. All in all, the session was a great hit with the participants and I walked away hoping that the women soon made the switch!


If you are in Bangalore and want us to give a talk in your apartment/office/home, drop us a message on our Instagram.

Have a happy period!

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