How to remove menstrual cup without pain? Tips for beginners

How to remove menstrual cup without pain?

When people switch to menstrual cups, the most common problem they face is “removing the cup.” I have had so many women telling me that they took more than 10-20 minutes to take it out on their first day of trial. If you are one of those or would like to avoid that, read on…

Once you get used to it, removing the cup is not even a minute’s job. It’s quick, easy, and simple. You just need to figure out what is best for you. Below are the steps you can follow to break the suction and remove the cup. These have helped and worked for most women.

  • Get a grip. Hold the cup from the bottom (or the stem) with your thumb and middle finger. If the cup is too high, and you can’t get hold of it, you will need to
    squat on the floor and push
    it down with your muscles (as if you are trying to poo).
  • Get comfortable & Relax. Without feeling gross or squeamish, pinch the base of the cup and slide your index finger (see photographs below) on the side of the cup. Stay calm and relaxed, as stress can tighten up the muscles.
  • Break the suction. Now press the cup from the middle with your index finger.
  • Form “C-fold”. With the help of your index finger (while holding the base with your middle finger and the thumb) form a C-fold with the cup. Punch-down fold also works for some.
  • Slide it out. Now the cup is much smaller in shape, smoothly slide it out.

If you prefer watching a video, then visit the links below:

How to use a menstrual cup?

How to remove a menstrual cup?

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