Menstrual Cup (Improved Design) (FDA Approved)

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Soch period cup is a smooth and flexible cup made of high-quality 100% biocompatible medical-grade silicone that pops open easily. Its medium softness makes it ideal for beginners and experienced users alike.


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Soft Period Cup
Our period cup is smooth and flexible made of 100% biocompatible medical-grade silicone that pops open easily.

  • Soft menstrual cup makes it ideal for beginners and experienced users alike. Once inserted, you will not feel it.
  • The cup has 6 perforated air holes to ease breaking the seal when removing the cup.
  • The menstrual cup can be used for upto 10 years.
  • Size S- Ideal for women who are below 30 years, Sexually Inactive, No childbirth, Light Menstrual Flow, and very good Pelvic Floor Muscles (Physically Active).
  • Size L- Ideal for women over 30 years of age, given childbirth (Normal or C-Sec), heavy menstrual flow and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Size XL- Ideal for women with very heavy bleeding / heavy flow who do not wish to empty the cup frequently.
  • When to remove: One cup can collect menstrual blood for approx. up to 3-8 hours depending upon the flow. The cup should be emptied and washed every 8 hours for good hygiene, even if it is not full.
  • Wash the cup with water or unscented soap.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Color* Clear
Capacity Small- 25.7 ml to the rim 20.2 ml to the holes Large- 37 ml to the rim 29.5 ml to the holes XL- 45.6 ml to the rim 36 ml to the holes
Diameter Small- 41 mm Length- 48 mm (excluding stem) Large- 46 mm Length- 52 mm (excluding stem) XL- 51 mm Length- 52 mm (excluding stem)
Item Included 1 Cup 1 Packaging Box 1 Cloth Bag & 1 Instruction Manual
Manufactured France

26 reviews for Menstrual Cup (Improved Design) (FDA Approved)

  1. Sharmada Shastry

    I love how soft this cup is! I haven’t given birth yet but I have a high cervix and can use the larger size comfortably! I also love the customer care offered by Priyanka and her team.

  2. Sandhya M

    Pretty happy , it’s my first cup and Preety comfortable with it.

  3. Neha Budhiraja

    Im in luv with the cup, thanks Priyanka for your guidance.
    It was so convenient to use , I regret of not using it earlier

  4. Sucheta

    It’s the best cup. Just perfect. Neither too hard not too soft, it’s my Goldilocks cup. A perfect win-win product with amazing cup holder packaging. Do invest in it, you’ll never regret your investment.

  5. Richa

    Just loved the cup. It’s the perfect fit. Neither too hard nor too soft. Beautiful packing. I wonder why I wasn’t I aware about the cups earlier. It’s a beautiful experience with cups so convenient doesn’t feel like wearing it. All my issues are sorted ever since I started up with cups. Got free from rashes, wetness and itchy feeling that I have been facing with the pads even though I was using the best brand. Thank you soch & Thank you Priyanka for guiding right.

  6. Annie

    Its a blessing! Perfect for those super heavy days! Solved a lifelong anticipated stress! Priyanka and her team has always been there to guide beginner’s and even post that! Dont think twice! Freedom assured!

  7. Divya Jain

    Soch cups have made me free from rashes and itchiness during periods.Wish I had use them much before.They are comfortable and reuseable.No more afraid of the periods now…love the feeling of being free.

  8. Priyanka Ahuja

    I am a very happy customer of the soch cup. A great product!! Being a first time user I was initially hesitant but Priyanka removed any doubts I had. The videos are a great help. I would totally recommended it to everyone.

  9. Snehal Alwyn Pereira

    I took around 4 months to make myself mentally ready to use Menstruation cup. Then I thought i will order and use it while I have periods when am not travelling. Luckily both cup and period came when I was on vacation and bingo, this was the right time. I initially used it with pad, just in case there is any leakage. For me inserting and removing cup was not a problem as I followed all instructions. Now I feel so clean and no odour feeling whenever I have my periods. It’s such a great blessing. Thank you Soch.

  10. Priyanka Jain

    I usually use menstrual cups, but for few months I kept getting infections and avoided the cup. Cloth pads were a great help. these are super soft, highly absorbent and comfortable as compared to most other mestrual pads I have tried.

  11. Sharmada

    After years of horrible experience with disposable pads, I wasn’t very open to the idea of any version of it. However, there were days when I didn’t want to use a menstrual cup and realized I could actually use SOCH cloth pads. They work like a charm though it may take some while to get adjusted to them. I love the variety of sizes available. It’s such a great option for young girls.

  12. Saniya N (verified owner)

    It did not suit me

    • Soch (store manager)

      Sorry to hear that the product was not suitable for you. Detailed feedback will be beneficial in product improvement.

  13. Menaga V S (verified owner)

    Soch cups ….This is a great product… I feel so comfortable in using this during my mensuration…..
    Got rid of the rashes…..

    As mentioned in the box ….. Am really enjoying HAPPY PERIOD😍

    • Soch (store manager)

      Happy to hear that you loved the product.

  14. Swati (verified owner)

    Love the product, no leaks so far…hope the same experience continues

  15. Divya

    Very nice experience with soch cup.. Before I tried sirona cup I had difficulties with opening up of cup and removal
    But soch is good easy to insert and remove and it’s very comfortable
    Thanks to Priyanka.. Her videos really gives good knowledge about cup

    • Soch (store manager)

      thank you very much for your honest feedback. glad you liked the product.

  16. Aparna (verified owner)

    I bought Soch cup two months back, I feel this decision as my best decision. Soch cup comes with a lengthy tip and nice size.thank u, so much for being a part of my life

  17. Kaushiki Agrawal (verified owner)

  18. Hemalata (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. I love it. I wish i wouldhave got it before

  19. Sohini (verified owner)

    Best cup I have used till now. The stem is very flexible and does not poke and makes it easy to insert and remove the cup.

    • Soch (store manager)


  20. Archana Anand (verified owner)

    Good quality cup…

  21. Nisha Purohit (verified owner)

    When size s will b in stock?

    • Soch (store manager)

      It will take some time. You can check Model 1 in the juju cup. It is equivalent to small size in soch cup.

    • Soch (store manager)

      hi, small size is in stock. you can purchase now

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Bought this because of leak issue of another brand, but problem not solved. Air holes being large, favours leak i felt. Itz soft, easy to use and comfortable, but for me it didn’t work

    • Soch (store manager)

      Sorry to hear that the cup did not work out for you. The leakage issue can be traced back to many reasons. I will share information regarding this over an email.

  23. Pooja Bamniya (verified owner)

  24. Saranya (verified owner)

    It took some time for me to get the hold of using it.. But after that it is so useful and a nice product. Such a relief from changing pads ..

  25. Jayalakshmi Shashidhar (verified owner)


  26. Nisha Kiran (verified owner)

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