Can Menstrual Cup Get Lost Inside?

You are not the only one thinking in this direction. A lot of women are a little scared in the beginning to try a menstrual cup as they have this question in mind- Can menstrual cup get lost inside them?


  • You don’t need to worry at all. I always recommend everyone to measure their cervix before buying a cup. This not only helps you select the right length of your cup but also makes you more aware of your body’s anatomy.

  • Once you measure your cervix, you will realize that there is very little room inside the vagina and a cup cannot get lost in there. At the most, (if you have a high cervix) it will ride up in the vaginal canal.


  • All you will need to do is to relax and push it outward with the help of your vaginal muscles (as if pushing a baby or trying to poo). This will bring the cup closer to the opening. Now you can easily remove the cup.
  • And if you are still scared, you can try cups with ring-style stem and tie a cotton thread – just like a tampon!

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