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Frequently Asked Questions - SochInserts

The Basics

What are SochInserts?

SochInserts are reusable inserts that can be used along with SochUnderwear for extra protection. They come with wings on the side that can be snapped around the underwear to keep the pad in place.

What are they made of?

SochInserts are made of high-quality cotton (on the outside) and polyester (inside).

How do I use a SochInsert?

SochInsert is meant to be used as an accessory to SochUnderwear or other underwears. It works just like any other pad - you have to fix it on your underwear and button it up on the sides with the press buttons.

Any other tips to make it more comfortable?

Make sure that you put the SochInsert more towards the waistband of the underwear as it may come slightly lower over time.

What are the different layers of a SochInsert?

SochInserts generally contain 3 different layers::
  • 100% Cotton Absorbent, Breathable, Quick Dry and Soft Against Skin
  • 100% Polyester Absorbent, Moisture Wicking, Quick Dry
  • 100% Cotton Breathable, Quick Dry and Soft Against Skin

Do SochInserts have a leakproof layer?

No, SochInserts do not contain a leakproof layer.

What can SochInserts be used with?

SochInserts can be used along with SochUnderwear for added protection - for period discharge, postpartum discharge, and mild urinary incontinence.

Can I use SochInserts with my regular underwear?

No, as you will need underwear with leakproof protection. Ideally, we recommend using SochInserts along with SochUnderwear for best performance.

Isn’t using cloth unhygienic?

No. Cloth, by itself, is not unhygienic. It is the way one uses it that makes all the difference. When you are using cloth/cloth pads/inserts for your sanitary needs, you need to make sure that they are fully dry before you store / use them. You should preferably sun-dry them in a well-ventilated space.

Are cloth inserts safe to use?

Yes. If used and cleaned as instructed, inserts are absolutely safe to use. Cloth and products made of cloth, like SochUnderwear, SochPads, and SochInserts are not only soft and comfortable to use but are also economical and eco-friendly. They are free from chlorine, dioxins, pesticides, harmful dyes, fragrances, and allergens that are otherwise found in disposable sanitary napkins.

How many years do cloth inserts last?

If maintained well and cared for, SochInserts last for at least 3-4 years or around 70 washes.

What are my options in SochInserts?

Soch offers SochInserts in two different versions: regular and petite.
Type Top Layer Colour Bottom Layer Colour Sizes
SochInsert Regular Pink Pink A (28cm), B (34cm)
SochInsert Petite Purple Purple P-A (28cm), P-B (34cm)

What is the difference between the Regular and Petite versions of the SochInserts?

While the regular version can be used by most women, the petite version is for young girls and teenagers. The difference is in the width of the cloth pad. If you use underwear with a narrow crotch, you may want to go for the petite version; if you use regular underwear, you may want to choose the regular version.

For how many hours can I wear one SochInsert?

SochInserts can be changed according to your needs and the purpose you are using it for. You should change a SochInsert at least once in 4-6 hours.

Can I use the SochInserts along with the SochUnderwear for postpartum bleeding?

Absolutely. You can use SochInserts along with SochUnderwear through the day. You can wear the same SochUnderwear the whole day and simply change the SochInserts as and when you need.

How long do SochInserts last?

On an average, if maintained well, SochInserts should last you for around 70 washes.


I just bought SochInserts. Can I use them directly?

Before you try the SochInserts for the first time, we recommend you wash them according to our clean & care instructions.

How do I wash SochInserts?

First, soak the SochInserts in a mug of cold soapy water for 30 minutes. Next, rinse by hand with mild soap and water. Do not brush. Dry the washed insert in sunlight. Do not fold or keep it on a flat surface. Hang it straight.

Can I brush the inserts?

No. The fibres on the inserts will come out if roughly brushed. Hand-rinsing is the best option.

Can I use Dettol/other soaps to wash the inserts?

Dettol, fabric softeners or other disinfectants are not recommended. You can, however, use mild soaps and essential oils.

Can I machine-wash the inserts?

Occasionally, you can machine-wash the inserts. However, we do not recommend it on a regular basis as it may reduce the life of the inserts.

Can I wash the inserts in hot water?

Rinsing directly in hot water sets stains. Therefore, we recommend you first remove the stains with cold water.

How do I store the inserts in between cycles?

Between cycles, we recommend you store the cloth pads in a clean and dry place after they are fully dry from washing.

How do I store a used insert before I can wash it? What if I am in school/office?

If you are not at home, carry a ziploc cover/pouch with you to store your used insert. The used insert can be folded to make it smaller.